Dave has provided unlimited inspiration through his lessons. His musical approach avoids the mundane and makes me want to play more. From instruction of multiple genres and styles, to recommendations on gear selection, live sound and recording enforce why I consider him a great tutor, mentor, and friend.

Michael - Terrey Hills


This gifted musician & teacher has been generous enough to share his skills & craft with me to the point where I can confidently play live gigs with my band & do open mic nights solo. He is inspirational in his teaching approach & is always positive & encouraging.  My daughter & son-in-law also have lessons with Dave & love him as well.

Helen - Duffys Forest


I have been taking lessons with Dave for nearly two years and he has made an amazing difference in my guitar playing.  When I started, I could only play a few chords and noodle around a bit, but not really knowing what I was doing. I couldn’t play one song from start to finish. Now I have a wide list of songs I can play on acoustic and electric. Dave is a great teacher and it is a bonus that he likes the same music as me. Not only is he a great teacher he is also an amazing guitar player, I would pay just to sit and listen to him.

Peter - Collaroy


Dave is a fabulous guitar player and teacher with a huge range of repertoire and skill. I trust him completely to choose a piece for me for assessments with school as well as songs that challenge me but are still within my capability. He is passionate about not only guitar playing but also teaching it, and is very knowledgeable about all the equipment required to generate different tones and timbre when playing a piece of music. Overall Dave inspires me every lesson to be a better musician, as well as helping me to achieve my guitar playing potential.

Martha - Belrose


David is able to build a genuine rapport with his students, which encourages them to become confident learners and sows a passion for further learning.  After each lesson our daughter has come home enthusiastic, inspired and motivated. David encourages her to be a creative, innovative artist, which has elevated her confidence and self-belief. He has a genuine connection with his students that results in passionate learning and growth.

Gail - St. Ives


Being honest, Dave is flat out great at this gig. Knows it all but has a great nature that made me immediately comfortable.  Seems genuinely interested in moulding the lesson around my interests and is invested in my progress.  I hugely enjoy our time together and look forward to it immensely, but even when I cant always get there because of work commitments Dave is flexible enough to work around me.  I would recommend Dave to absolutely anyone who asked...unless they wanted fashion advice.

Alex - Cromer


I first starting taking guitar lessons with David during my first year of university and they have honestly been a highlight in my life over the last four years. David is a conscientious, patient and deeply caring teacher who has taught the importance of using music to take time away from the stresses of life and just focus on the moment.

Elle - Sydney


Dave has been teaching my son Owen guitar for almost two years now. He had been learning guitar for more than five years prior. It was an important time for Owen (then 11) as he had a few teacher changes in a short period and was starting to get frustrated and lose interest. We found Dave through searching the internet and he took the time to speak to me for over an hour about Owen and his situation and invited me to bring Owen to come and meet him. They hit it off straight away and Owen has rediscovered his passion for music, which is great to see. Twelve months later our younger son Justin also decided to ask if Dave could give him bass lessons which he enjoys too! I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about guitar or bass lessons for themselves or their children to take the time to speak with Dave. His passion for teaching and his students is second to none.

Chris - Narrabeen


Dave is a really talented guitar player and a great teacher. I enjoy every lesson and I learn something new each time. He inspires me to keep playing guitar.

Jenna - Belrose


I like doing guitar with David because we work on stuff I want to learn. I love learning to play using songwriting. David really helps me work out my ideas, chords and strumming patterns but never says this is how you have to do it. We have a fun time doing guitar and songwriting. David is really nice and he always encourages me. My lessons are great but always go too quick : (

Inez - Seaforth


I'm really happy we found David. He is just what my daughter needs in a teacher. No set formulae of how you have to learn! Lessons are absolutely tailored to her needs and what she wants to learn. David is always flexible and open about his lessons and lesson directions, while still working with plan of what he is aiming to achieve each term. He is really supportive and his encouragement is honest and constructive. My daughter loves playing the guitar and now willingly plays and entertains herself. Fabulous!

Helen - Seaforth


I have been attending lessons with David for a few years now, and have seen a marked improvement in my guitar playing in this time. With David I have been able to progress at my own pace and he has encouraged me to pursue my particular musical interests. I would recommend David as a professional and supportive guitar teacher, who will bring out the best in players of all standards.

Leon - Warriewood


Dave is a great teacher who is kind and fun. He makes learning the guitar easy. Dave is a teacher who can adjust to any style of learning that the student is comfortable with. I really enjoy our lessons.

Luca - St. Ives


David has never been content to simply point at the pages in a book, send me home and then suffer the next week as I endeavour to play. He has always had time to provide examples, show me better ways, discuss the background to the "why and where" of the instrument and provide me with pieces of music over and above what I'm currently following. His wonderful ability with the guitar, his enthusiasm for all genres of music and his sense of humour combine to make David an excellent teacher. I wholeheartedly recommend him to any potential student.

Dave - Davidson


I started lessons with David over 9 years ago. Every fortnight I go to Terrey Hills to play music with him. I really enjoy playing with David and learning new songs. He always has the songs I like. I record when we play the songs on my iPad, so I can learn from it at home. I look forward to my lesson every time. Thank you for teaching me to play the guitar, David.

Mark - Belrose


David has been teaching my son Mark for over 9 years now. Mark has Down Syndrome. Mark's dream was to play the guitar and David has made it happen for him. It takes an exceptional teacher to break learning into the small steps that makes Mark a success, but that's what David's done - from careful planning, always encouraging and being the most positive and patient people I know. I have spent countless hours in David's studio listening and enjoying with him Marks progress. He loves jamming with David and he gets great pleasure from playing music at home every day on his guitar. Thank you David.

Carl - Belrose


I think Dave is a really inspiring guitar teacher. He takes the time to find out what your goals are and how they can be achieved.  He is an outstanding guitar player himself, but more importantly he is able to patiently explain and demonstrate what you need to know. Thanks to Dave - learning to play the guitar has been a really great experience for me – I highly recommend him!

Anita - Davidson


David has been my guitar teacher for the last 3 years and I can't see an ending from his instruction. I am almost 80 years old but Dave's guitar lessons and follow up make me feel many years less. He is a very talented teacher and player who is both motivational and knowledgeable in acoustic and electric guitar and also piano. Rock on Dave!

Peter - Warriewood


David is an outstanding guitar tutor, who is an incredibly talented musician. I enjoy every lesson with him as I feel completely comfortable, he listens to me and gives me constructive criticism. David is very organised and has extensive knowledge about music. I have learnt a lot from him and I’m thankful to have the opportunity to be able to further develop my guitar skills with him as my tutor.

Annie - St. Ives


Learning the bass guitar with Dave is a great experience. I’m a “mature age” student and he quickly adapted the lessons to focus on the enjoyment of playing the instrument and also appreciating the music that we choose to learn. The songs that he teaches me to play are “my generation” and sometimes not without their challenges but Dave’s patience, enthusiasm and encouragement have always resulted in me being able to play music to a standard that I’m proud of. And it’s great to share a laugh with him if it doesn’t go to plan! Quite simply, Dave is a great teacher.

Rob - Belrose


My 2 teenagers have been learning with Dave for about a year now, and I am so happy with their progress in playing and the skills they are learning.  But even more significant is their love and passion for playing which Dave so clearly inspires.  I really appreciate that he takes the time to hear what they like musically and work with that rather than following a formula or set rules for learning.

Sarah - Forestville


David is not only a gifted musician himself, but he has a wonderful way of encouraging and teaching a not-so-gifted aspiring guitarist like me. All my life I have wanted to make music and David has actually helped me make it happen. And boy, has he needed patience! Great teacher, great bloke. I highly recommend him to any other late-starters like me.

Philip - Killara


Dave is a really great teacher and I always enjoy his lessons. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Charlie - Newport


Dave is an awesome teacher! I really like how I can choose the songs that I learn to play and he has inspired me in my music a lot.

Sam - Newport


David Smith is a rare and gifted guitar teacher, comfortable with most styles of music. From the first lesson, David listens and notes your music preferences and where you want to go. He then structures your lessons to suit your capabilities. His focus is on application rather than music theory and equipping his students with materials, techniques and concepts so that they advance to their full potential. There is a logical progression in his teaching approach, from basic techniques to complex chords, their structures elsewhere on the guitar and much more. David works from a fully equipped recording music studio. As part of the teaching process he provides you with materials, demo videos and backing tracks. With David as your teacher, you can't wait for the next lesson, a high recommendation indeed.

Gordon - Balgowlah


My daughter thoroughly enjoys her guitar lessons with Dave. His amazing skill as a guitar player, gift for teaching and, love of music is contagious. Dave has inspired and motivated my daughter to put time and effort into playing the music she loves on her guitar and it has been wonderful to see her progress so quickly.

Cathie - Belrose


I have been having guitar lessons with Dave for a number of years, and can thoroughly recommend him as a guitar teacher and all round nice guy. My only regret is that I didn't start having lessons with him sooner.

Mark - Asquith


I’ve been going to David for a year now. I have learnt a lot, both on skills and theory.  The lessons are very engaging, with a fantastic mix of teaching my favorite songs, and developing my skills and knowledge along with it. David offers a range of different teaching methods to better accommodate the desired skill acquisition, allowing for more or less focus on theoretical learning, and partnering this with chosen songs to better allow for student engagement. I’m having a fantastic time and have already learnt a lot; highly recommended.

Imogen - Frenchs Forest


After some years of marginal progress with another teacher, I went looking for a guitar teacher for Imogen who might take a song based approach, enabling her to learn and build a repertoire of complete songs that she could play and enjoy.  David has far exceeded my expectations, working with Imogen through a series of terrific songs, thoughtfully selected between them, and at the same time teaching her both technique and technical concepts, supported by David's wealth of knowledge and experience.  But perhaps the most wonderful outcome of these lessons has been to fuel Imogen's passion for music, as David finds common ground in their musical tastes, and uncovers great bands and tracks that they discuss, explore, and of course, play together.  I happily recommend David to anyone wanting to learn guitar.

Paul - Frenchs Forest


Dave is a rare teacher. From an elementary level, he has taught me to play a range of styles: rock, blues, jazz and more. His lessons are fun, progress is noticeable week by week, and the great jam sessions he has organised with fellow students have brought all the learning to life!

Nick - Seaforth


Dave's been brilliant!  I hadn't played guitar for 25 years but Dave's knowledge, skill and enthusiasm for guitar have made picking it up again fun and a great learning experience. He has a great approach - relaxed, flexible and focused on my guitar goals. He balances theory with playing and I come out of each lesson inspired. I'd recommend Dave in a heart beat!

Marese - Bilgola


David has expertly guided me through 5 years of musical tuition, from the HSC onwards. With his wealth of musical knowledge and fun approach to teaching, I have been able to effectively improve upon my Technical, Aural, Written and Reading competencies.

Jordan - Bayview


David has been teaching me guitar for 5 years. He has also taught guitar to my son and daughter. David is passionate about music and his knowledge covers all music genres. As a teacher, David is enthusiastic, patient and incredibly generous. David inspires me to keep practicing and to keep improving. He is a natural teacher.

Warren - Belrose


David has been teaching Rocco, my 12 year old son, guitar since 2012. Rocco has learnt & improved so much under David's guidance. And most of all David makes his lessons FUN. Rocco loves it!

Ali - Frenchs Forest


I thoroughly enjoy my bass lessons with Dave. Learning songs and then playing with other students in a band setup has ticked a bucket list item off.

Martin - Seaforth


Dave is a highly professional and inspirational guitar tutor. My son thoroughly enjoys his weekly session with Dave and is always excited by the music he is studying. Dave goes out of his way to choose appropriate pieces for his age, interests and ability. He exposes him to different genres he would not otherwise explore. Dave has a great rapport with my son and always communicates effectively with me. He has an amazing studio set up and his vast experience in the industry is clearly evident. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone wanting to learn guitar.

Louise - Collaroy Plateau